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Toronto Photographers | Beauty in Black and White


During a recent Toronto photo shoot, this beautiful smile lit up my camera and I love how the simplicity and beauty of this black and white photo draws you in….

girl in black and white photography

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Toronto Portrait Photographer | Bringing Sexy Back!

Fun photo shoot late this fall where my client brought sexy back! ;)


Photographer Toronto | Green Day!

I happen to walk by the Global Marijuana March 2012 gathering at Queen’s Park today after I had just finished a wedding shoot at Hart House.  I took the opportunity to get some editorial shots (which i normally don’t do) and thoroughly enjoyed watching all the colourful characters….here are a few of the more interesting ones!

woman with colourful hair at the globabl marijuana march toronto 2012

man in elvis costume and megaphone at global marijuana march toronto 2012

man and woman walking in global marijuana march toronto 2012

global marijuana march toronto 2012 sign that reads "start time at high noon"

man in red tee shirt with crazy red hair in global marijuana march toronto 2012

man in colourful clothing pointing at camera during global marijuana march toronto 2012

woman with green braids in her hair handing out flyers during the globabl marijuana march toronto 2012

man holding woman's hand wearing colourful poncho and looking into camera during global marijuana march toronto 2012

Toronto Beaches Photography | Collected and treasured

A few pics from the beaches area…

These were taken near the lifeguard station near Kew Gardens on the beach in Toronto.  I just love going there with my camera with either a plan in mind or just wandering to find beauty in the everyday…here are a few of my favourite pics. :)





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Toronto Photographers | Beautiful Trumpeter Swans show up in Scarboro Beach, Toronto

Over the last few days I’ve been able to observe a group of 6 Trumpeter Swans in my area….they are so beautiful!  They are really quite large up close and so stunning to look at.  There were 4 younger ones that were gray and white and 2 adults that were all white.  I noticed they were tagged so I reported the birds to the  Canadian Wildlife Bird Banding Lab.  Here are a few pics I was able to snap one day while out on a walk.  I hope they’re going to stick around….. :)


Toronto Photography Trumpeter Swans 3ls

Toronto Photography Trumpeter Swans 5ls


Toronto Photography Trumpeter Swans 4ls


Toronto Photography Trumpeter Swans 2ls


Toronto Photography Trumpeter Swans ls

Hamilton Ontario Photographers | Snow Beach!

Snapped some Hipstamatic pics of the icy cold beaches today!  I even found a snow-heart! :)