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“Vanessa has a talent for showing the true personality of her photography subjects. Her patient, natural style puts everyone at ease and reminds them to enjoy the process of creating memories as a family.

Her amazing photos of my granddaughters were so much more that I had hoped for. Not only do they look gorgeous but they all had a great time during the session. I know they will be looking forward to the next time they can have fun with Vanessa!”


“Vanessa was able to capture lovely photos of our family, even though it seemed impossible to get the right photo with a squirmy two-year-old and a three-month-old baby.  She not only delivered on the photos, but she did such a great job of touching them up, so we all looked perfect.  Our friends and family love them!”


“For years we dreaded getting the yearly family photos done at our local Sears, so this year I decided to step out of the box and try something different. The results were amazing! No longer did we have to pose for a stuffy family portrait, but we got to interact and let Vanessa truly document the spirit of our family. Thank you so much! We’ll see you again soon!”


“Vanessa Jeakins has been photographing my daughter, Evangeline, since she was 12 days old! Every three months we get together for another photo shoot. It has been a wonderful and heartwarming way to document the stages of Evangeline’s first year of life.

Vanessa has captured the very best of my daughter with her camera and keen eye. Now, all those who view her photos, see Evangeline as I see her. Not only the way she looks, but the way she is… her very essence.

Vanessa’s love of infants and children is as apparent as her talent for photographing them! She is a current, creative, passionate and patient artist, with exceptional attention to detail. She loves what she does! I love what she creates. She’s a gem.

 testimonial 2

 “In one word: * A * M * A * Z * I * N * G *.    She did an excellent job… the photos are causal, but elegant with a bit of humor. She really captured our spirit…. Beautiful!”


“Vanessa Jeakins is a fantastic photographer! I was so thrilled with the outcome of my family photos that I asked Vanessa if she would also take some professional headshots of me. Once again I was so pleased. Watching Vanessa work patiently and efficiently with my two young children was a treat. She really let them be themselves and was able to capture some wonderful shots and expressions because of it. Vanessa exhibited the same patience when it was time to work with me! She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and confident. The time flew by and I ended up with photos that I am proud to distribute. I have and will continue to recommend Vanessa to friends and family. Thanks, Vanessa! ”


“Vanessa was so much fun to work with and made the entire experience of our photo shoot something that I will always remember. Her creativity and excellent ability to see that perfect shot really came across in the photographs; I couldn’t be happier.”


testimonial-5“Her work with our family has become a photo journal of our lives, documented in a snapshot in time every year, for 4 years running.”


“I have come into Vanessa’s studio three times over the last 8 months; once with my husband and children, another time for head shots for my daughter’s acting portfolio and lastly, for photos of myself! She is gifted in the true sense of the word and it’s always relaxing and rewarding shooting with her.”


“Vanessa was able to capture some AMAZING photographs of our 3 month old son.   She has great techniques that she was able to use to keep my son entertained, smiling and laughing throughout the entire shoot.  She also has a natural eye for knowing which shots are going to work and how to capture the very best photos from her subject.  I’m thrilled to have these amazing memories that will be forever preserved in high definition!   Thanks Vanessa!”



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