• Vanessa Jeakins

Embracing change

Sometimes in life, things don't go as we had planned.  Consider what we thought the year 2020 would be like, and then our actual reality.

That ballroom reception with the large guest list, dance floor and dinner buffet you had planned for your wedding day might be off the table right now - however you don’t have to lose out on having an amazing and memorable wedding day.  

What if you were able to look at the situation as an opportunity to do something different?  Could it even be a blessing in disguise?  There is so much potential to what your wedding day could look like if you are open to it. 

Over the past few years, eloping has become a term used to describe a wedding day that is a small, private event that focuses on the couple, rather than a large guest list and all that comes with it.  With the sudden limitations on large gatherings this year, eloping has become the perfect solution to a difficult problem.

Being able to pivot and move forward in a new way with your wedding day plans can be unexpectedly rewarding.

Yes, it might take time and patience to see a new vision. It may involve a leap of faith even, if bucking tradition isn’t exactly your comfort zone in the first place.

Look at your wedding through a new lens - where before you may have had to conform to certain traditions, you might now be able to discard those limitations and put the focus right where it should be - on the two of you.

With a little creativity you can turn a backyard, a field, a shoreline, or a garden into a magical, intimate environment for your wedding.   

You could say your vows with only your closest family and friends by your side - each playing an important role in the ceremony to symbolize their support towards your new life together. 

There are so many fun and interesting ideas that you can run with - as long as you are open and willing to embrace the change.

Breaking free of conventions, expected roles, and traditional ways might just be the best thing that ever happened to you.  

It might not be the plan you originally anticipated, but you may just end up with a wedding day you could never have imagined.

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